The key features of UFTAA CONNECT

Through this initiative, travel agencies are provided with a website or their existing website can also be utilized for integration purposes. They are offered an online platform with a booking engine (Airline & Non-Airline products and services).

The platform supports the IATA’s NDC initiative for its participating Airlines members, as an option. At the moment certain carriers are charging a distribution fee. UFTAA CONNECT will not carry the distribution fee which is now charged by few airlines, if booked on a GDS.

The extent of “Digital Empowerment” is far beyond a booking engine on a platform integrated with the agency’s website. The initiative rewards the agency with the “Mobile App” as well. Travel agencies can offer products and services to their existing customers through mobile technology, which is growing in demand and offers convenience at great cost.

The home page of the website is designed to support agencies to present their profile; links to their products and services and an integration is also offered to support the agency market/promote their products or services to other agencies.

The Booking Engine integrated can support online sales of several products & services – Ticketing, Hotels, Tours, Transport, Cruises, Car rentals and more can be added). The feature allows members to also get integrated with their own content. If the agency has an online access with a hotel engine or any other connect, integration with such product / service will be offered via the UFTAA CONNECT.
The platform supports integration with the agency’s preferred GDS. The online sales will therefore result in usage of agency’s contracted GDS and segments will be to the Agency’s credit. Should the Agency desire to utilize any other GDS that is offered for the online access with benefits; such option is also available to the agency.

The platform is integrated with the agency’s own ticket stock. At the option of the agency, such ticketing can be diverted to another agency whose ticketing stock the agency prefers to be integrated with (conditions apply).

There is absolutely NO technology cost that is required to be invested by the travel agency. Our technology partner will make all the investment on behalf of the agency that signs up. The development of a website; it’s integration with the platform; further integration of the platform with the GDS; ticketing of the agency as well as the payment gateway is done without any cost to the agency. A nominal per passenger cost is what the agency will have to pay to our technology partner towards the technology investment irrespective of the number of segments or services offered to a passenger. There is no minimum volume or productivity demanded from any agency towards the technology investment. The initiative is primarily done to inspire the agency move into this domain which is a huge connect in the future.

The detailed terms and conditions will be made available to the agency upon signing up.